Sunday, September 28, 2008


as of today i still have no dining chairs. i use my dove gray vanity chair in my living room as a stand-in. but it's proving to be an increased hassle, esp now O comes over at least twice a week and the idea of having a homecooked dinner is becoming more and more appealing. i'm quite frankly tired of eating out and waiting for food.. while usually we head for restaurants that do not require waiting, just the environment around is stressful and last thing we need is more added crap after our long days.

so i was at pricerite today and i saw these cheap dining stackable chairs:

cheap, white, stackable. my family's chairs won't be stackable... but much nicer. hm.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

i broke my bodum

my beautiful francfranc x bodum died because of my stupidity, along with four of my water glasses. in simple terms i was too busy trying to yank the trash out of my trash can and subsequently, i slammed my head against my dish rack.

i'm here to report francfranc is not carrying new ones :(

i did find other things i want there though!

I think the white one will be great for my bedroom/living room during the winter months.

this will be great for magazine storage + extra seating + wine glass stool.