Tuesday, June 24, 2008

before the typhoon

since we have a level 8 typhoon situation right now as we type, tomorrow will be a much-welcomed day-off. three hours prior, i finally dragged my bum to Ikea and Francfranc, both 5 minutes away from my office (i know i'm lazy).

i've been eating out or eating no-cook foods since i've moved in. it wasn't until last week, after about two weeks of a lot of pub grub and alcoholic beverages, that my body is starting to complain.

my apartment came with some pre-installed Grundtal rails from Ikea, and when i saw this in the store, i picked it up:

when I got it home, i found in horror:


must be attached to this:

with a screwdriver.

so i guess my countertop would have to suffer for a bit longer with my drying dishes.

i bought other stuff as well, my favourite though is this:

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