Thursday, May 22, 2008

why i hunt for bargains.

if i can buy something for $5 why pay $10?

of course, i only do it when i have time. while time is often against me, i do score great bargains then use the saved money on nicer stuff.

this leaf pot-table-protection-thingy is $10. i love $10 shops.

i bought all three at the as-is section of ikea for $40

i bought the laundry basket for $10 so i can splurge on these items:
Francfranc x Bodum coffee bodum
Francfranc x Bodum pepper mill
alessi Anna G wine bottle opener

and of course

she was lugged back to hk from toronto, yeap.

my old vanity and my new dining table are arriving tomorrow, can't wait!

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