Saturday, August 9, 2008

yes i live here

time sure flies. i've been paying mortgage and living in this little shoebox for 3 months now. wow.

so let's see how far my flat degenerated:

kitchen: a lot more dishes. on my second tin of earl gray now. i'm aware i'm out of paper towels.

my room:

a housewarming gift from Anthony. he first bought me a cushion but his dad used it, so he bought me this very sexy lamp instead.

these stuffed animals have sentimental value for me. i brought them back from toronto. i still didn't have a chance to get replacement curtains for the broken doors yet.

instead of hanging my laundry in my kitchen, i hang them in my bathroom instead.

my den/living area... still missing dining chairs, so i moved my vanity chair here

i sit on my coach instead of my chair of course when I watch tv :)

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