Sunday, March 16, 2008

The shoebox.

We measured out the place today!

I bought the place in 10 minutes flat back in January so I never looked too closely at the details. I spent 1/2 hour there today. My father was helping me measure out the rooms as I took photos.

The den

The den is larger than I first thought. It is a little over 11 ft in length and 9 ft in width. There is a 1 1/2 ft extension where the window is.

I purchased this unit for this view:
I am pleasantly surprised to discover I have a flowerbox (!!!) I look forward to planting herbs like basil and thyme out of this space :)

The bedroom

There is something very tranquil about the bedroom. The room is fairly large ( 13 2/3 ft length by 7 1/2 ft width). The current owner did some work on the wall to fit a 5 ft headboard. The other side of the room featured a big closet:

The current owners will leave everything in the bedroom. I don't have the heart to throw them out. While this closet is not what I'd prefer, I will see if I can make it look nicer... The checker meet glass look is boring, bad.

The kitchen/bathroom

The kitchen is fairly large.
It's obvious the current owners do not cook :)

The bathroom is very, very small:

Project bathtub would not happen in this shoebox, sadly :p

Now the little wheels in my head are spinning at hyper-speed! I am so ambitious about this space!

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