Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The fugly closet - ideas

After posting last night I dreamed, and dreamed some more. I thought about the closet, the primed closet... then Ikea Hacker came along.

These people are very creative with their Ikeas! I love Ikea, I love their organization thingys, their kitchen gadgets (much cheaper than Stark/Alessi)... I bought these floral appliques from them a while back on a whim:

They are flexible and you can adjust the height and direction of the flowers... they were fairly cheap.

And then I thought about sticking them to my closet:

Or maybe just all three on one side.

Then I thought and dreamed more and I realized I do NOT want to wake up and see the following immediately:
  1. bright things
  2. shiny things
  3. dizzy patterns
  4. ex-boyfriends
  5. my own, just-awake, frumpy self
Then I saw these amazing wallpaper from Graham Brown Wallpaper:

Imagine these on those closet doors!

1 comment:

howard said...

wallpaper on closet doors? that's desperate!