Friday, May 9, 2008

neapolitan ice cream

i started painting last night. i used to frame, mount and gesso my own canvases with house paint back in high school (Arts York, hellllll yeah!), so i figured instead of spending 7k for someone to paint my walls, i will spend 1k on good paints and do it myself. ok, i am no alchemist but thanks to the nice people at the paint shop i know how to mix latex paint with water now.

didn't bring my camera with me but i am trying to figure out what to paint at the underside of my ceiling beam. the wall is gray, and my little nook in my room is pink.

yeah, i lost track of time and was there until 12 midnight, had to catch a taxi back to my rental. like, i am starting to question did i save money or not painting on my own if i have to keep taxi-ing every night.

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