Friday, May 16, 2008

a week internet-deprived.

i'm writing this at a Starbucks around my old office. the disadvantage of living in an older neighbourhood in Hong Kong is the lack of hot spots. pcc-dub will install my stuff back next tuesday so until then, i will be drinking a lot of Starbucks.

living in my new space, as sparse as it is right now, is amazing. my rooster looks amazing on my walls:

here's a view of my couch and blue blue/yellow walls:

yes, i love love love love love love wooden floors. my Mormon-rejected couch works amazing with the floors.

i hate my ceiling light though, so i don't turn it on at all. it reminds me of Bart Simpson:

so my solution is simple: leave it off permanently until i find a better replacement. ignorance is bliss.

i was at ikea and i looked at a few replacements:

but now i look more and more at it, it will be too matchy-matchy with my rooster. need to hunt for better alternatives soon.

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