Saturday, May 17, 2008


shoebox without internet, lack of dining surface and having a week off between jobs mean ritual coffee and breakfast at the Starbucks.... 15 bloody minutes away.

the problem with living in an older district is the lack of hot spots... if i drag my labtop to a congee place and hook up wi-fi with those PCCW telephone booths i'm sure they will kick me out in five minutes flat. those ladies in aprons mean business, man.

as my parting gift, my colleague remembered i loved this clock at Homeless ... and bought it for me! i am trained as a designer and anal-retentitive typographer. so it looks like i have to go buy me some blu-tac.

aside from new purchases, i LOVE old stuff. i've been "borrowing" stuff from my family:

so, cute. i use it as a step-stool to reach my ridiculously high closet rails.

this came with the apartment, it's the receiver to open the gates downstairs for visitors:

like, 1985!! look at the straight lines! the brown and beige! i made my friend wrap the whole thing with five million coats of tape before we painted to make sure it is as pristine as possible.

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